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Certified Operation / Production Management Professional

Operation / Production Management Professional

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Language: Hindi/English

Instructors: Aryan Viswakarma

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Why this course?


Course: Certified Operation / Production Management Professional

Course Duration: 25+ hrs

Course Objectives

Production and customer delivery of goods and services depend heavily on operations management. It entails creating, organizing, directing, and managing the organization's systems and procedures needed to convert resources like money, talent, and materials into goods and services. Any operations plan must be in line with the overarching organizational business strategy in order to be successful.

This course is developed to provide students with the adequate knowledge required to understand and become competent Operation / Production, Management professionals.

Why should one take this certification?

The main objectives of this course are to give students a thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas, duties, and objectives of operations management in the service and industrial industries. Key operations that are a part of every organization's operations are introduced, along with the decisions that go along with them. A few characteristics of operations strategies and various methods of converting inputs into goods and services across a range of sectors are also covered in this course.


It is recommended that all learners have the following prior knowledge:

Basic understanding of the concept of product and process

Basic understanding of the concept of process management

At least 1 year of industry experience

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those who are responsible for Operation Management, Production Managers / Supervisors, Project planners, and Junior, Middle, and Upper Management and Owners.

Certification Exam

  • Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple choice and/or descriptive questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge.
  • The exam will be conducted online.
  • It is only offered in English.
  • Learners need to appear for the final test within 12 months of purchasing the course. Course access will remain till the access period as per the applicability
  • After the soft copy of the certificate is issued, you must wait 30 days to get a hard copy of the Certificate at your given address.
  • Learners can clear their doubts arising during the study within 01 years from the date of purchasing the course
  • *Taking an exam after one year will incur a fee*
  • For Sample Certificate Click Here

Pass Criteria:  > 60% marks

For candidates clearing the exam successfully certificate shall be issued by Quality HUB India, which is a registered organization with MSME GOI for training and certification courses.

Note: One additional opportunity will be given to unsuccessful candidates free of charge.

  • The Course is Certified / Accredited by "The Council for Six Sigma Certification" (CSSC), "International Quality Federation" (IQF), and "International Accredited Organization" (IAO), and the certificate will bear the logo as well.

A QHI Certified Green Belt is issued a Certificate (Hard &/or soft) which includes a Certification Number and granted the right to use Titles; a professional designation which may be used in resumes and public profiles such as LinkedIn.

The authenticity of the certificate can be verified (VERIFY CERTIFICATE) at the course portal

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Format, PDF, E-books, Templates availability

All supporting format, PDFs, E-books, and Templates as per the course requirement and within the scope, has been uploaded in the portal in the course section and downloadable.

No additional documents, formats, templates, etc shall be provided by QHI.

Policy on Cancellation and Refunds

  • The course to which you have subscribed cannot be replaced with another course.
  • It is not possible to cancel a course once it has been purchased.
  • There are no refunds for fees.
  • Courses are not transferrable.
  • Course Extension is possible. (How to seek a course extension, details are listed below 

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*Prices may change at any time without prior notice.


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Benefits of Doing Courses from Quality HUB India™

  • Expert instruction: Quality HUB India has a team of experienced trainers and consultants who have extensive knowledge and practical experience in their respective fields.
  • Relevant and up-to-date content: Quality HUB India courses are designed to be practical and relevant, and they are updated regularly to reflect the latest best practices and industry standards.
  • Industry recognition: Quality HUB India courses are recognized by various organizations and institutions in the industry, which can enhance your credibility and help you to stand out in the job market.
  • Online Weekly Live Doubt Clearing Session: Interact with the faculty online every week and clarify your doubt arising during the learning for one full year from the date of purchasing the course.
  • Networking opportunities: Quality HUB India courses provide opportunities for attendees to network with professionals from different industries and backgrounds, which can help you build valuable relationships and expand your knowledge.
  • Flexible learning options: Quality HUB India offers both online and classroom-based courses, which provides flexibility for busy professionals and allows you to choose the learning option that best fits your schedule and preferences.
  • Affordable pricing: Quality HUB India courses are priced affordably, making them accessible to individuals and organizations of all sizes and budgets.

Awards & Recognitions

  • “Indian Achiever’s Award 2021-22” by Indian Achiever’s Forum
  • ‘THE 2022 Global Education Award’ by Xel Research & Journey Magazine
  • “Top 10 Manufacturing Consultant 2022” by Industry Outlook Magazine
  • “THE BEST Learning Platform of 2022” by Business Connect Magazine

Accreditations & Certifications

  • The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) – USA
  • International Quality Federation (IQF) – USA
  • International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) – USA
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environment Management System
  • ISO 29990:2010 – Learning Services for Non-Formal Education & Training

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Study Instruction
Welcome and Study Instruction Video
QHI ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certification + Candidate Certificate verification on QHI portal
Quality HUB India™ is now IAO Accredited Institution
Quality HUB India "THE BEST Online Learning Platform of 2022" award by Business Connect Magazine
Important Instructions For Learner
Production Manager- Role, Responsibility, Scope, Challenges, qualifications etc
(P1) Production Manager-Roles & Responsibilities (Hindi)
(P2)Production Manager-Qualifications, Skills & Challenges (Hindi)
(P3)Production Manager-Working Hrs, Work Exp, Scope (Hindi)
Operation Management Concept & Historical Developments
(P1.1) Operation Management Concept & Historical Development (Hindi)
(P1.2) Concept of Production & Production System (Hindi)
Production Management
(P2.1) Introduction to Production Management & Its Objective (Hindi)
(P2.2) Model for Operation or Production system (Hindi)
(P2.3)Classification of Production System (Hindi)
Types of Production
Types of Production (Hindi)
'Production' Vs 'Productivity' (Hindi)
Operation Management Objective
Operational Management Objective (Hindi)
productivity Vs Efficiency (Hindi)
(P4.1) Productivity, Way to improve Productivity (Hindi)
(P4.2) Measuring Productivity, Productivity Analysis(Hindi)
(P4.3) Scope of Operation Management (Hindi)
(P4.4) PPC & Its objectives and Quality Control & Its objective(Hindi)
(P4.5) Material Management & Its Objectives and Maintenance & Its Objective (Hindi)
Economic Model
Economic Model , Break Even Analysis & Margin of Safety with Case Study(Hindi)
Organisation Performance Management
Org. Performance Measure (Designing PM, CSF & Balanced Score Card)
Org. Performance measure (Resources, Monitoring and important Factors)
SWOT Analysis - Explained with examples (Exclusive Version)
Production System Design
Production System Design and System Capacity (Hindi)
Case Study (Production Capacity Calculations) Hindi
Capacity Planning
(P8.1)Capacity Planning, Long Term & Short Term Strategy (Hindi)
(P8.2)Capacity Planning case study (Hindi)
Factor Influencing Plant Location
Factor Influencing Plant Location (Hindi)
Case Study (Cell Audit and Check Sheet) (Hindi)
Plant Layout, Types, Advantages and Limitations
(P10.1) Plant Layout, Objective & Principles of Plant Layout (Hindi)
(P10.2) Types of Plant Layout, Advantages & Limitations (Hindi)
Organisation of Physical Facilities
(P1) Organisation of Physical Facilities (Hindi)
(P2) Organisation of Physical Facilities (Hindi)
Toyota Production System (TPS)
Toyota Production System Part 1- What is Toyota?, Leadership Role in TPS, Toyota Sensei and Philosophy
Toyota Production System_Part2- Leadership Style at Toyota
Communication and Types of Communication
What is Communication, Communication Path and Direction of Communication (Hindi)
Horizontal Communication with Examples(Hindi)
Method of Communication- Body Language, Formal and Informal Communication and Grapevine Communication(Hindi)
Media of Communication(Hindi)
Material Management
(P1)Introduction, Scope & Functions of Material Management (Hindi)
(P2)Other related activities of Material management (Hindi)
(P3) Material Planning & Control, Techniques of Material Management (Hindi)
(P4) 10 Parameters of Purchasing (Hindi)
Purchasing Procedure
Purchasing Procedure (Hindi)
Special Purchasing System
Special Purchasing System (Hindi)
Store Management
Store Management (Hindi)
Inventory Management or Control
Inventory Control or Inventory Management System (Hindi)
Conflict Management
Conflict Management reason, symptoms, definition and meaning (Hindi)
Types of Conflict and its management(Hindi)
(P20) Standardisation
(P21) Simplification
Aggregate Production Planning
(P1)Aggregate Production Planning -Hierarchy, Horizon and Process (Hindi)
(P2) Aggregate Planning - Inputs & Outputs, Approaches (Hindi)
Introduction to KANBAN and Its Types (Hindi)
Six Types of KANBAN and its characteristics (Hindi)
Production KANBAN Types and Visual Management (Hindi)
Production Kanban (Hindi)
Line Balancing
(P1.1) Assy Line Setup and Line Balancing (Hindi)
(P1.2)Network Diagram- Line Balancing (Hindi)
Milk Run Concept
Milk Run Concept -Explained (Hindi)
Milk Run - Examples (Hindi)
Standardised Work (English)
(P1)Sec-01- Standardised work-Role of a Leader (English)
(P2) Standardised Work- Cost Reduction Principle, Trends (English)
(P3) Standardised Work- TPS Pillar Chart (English)
(P4) Sec-02-Benefits & Subjects for Standardisation (English)
(P5) Standardised work-Important Formats (English)
(P6)Work Elements & Analysis for Standardised Work (English)
(P7)Sec-03-Ideal conditions for Standardised Work (English)
(P8) Standardised Work (Process Capacity Sheet) English
(P9) Standardised Work Combination Table (English)
(P10) Standardised Work Chart (English)
Productivity Calculations
Labor Productivity and Its calculation with 02 Case Studies (Hindi)
How to calculate productivity? Explained with 02 case studies (Hindi)
Multifactor Productivity and Its calculation with Case Study (Hindi)
Case Study - line loss analysis report (Hindi)
Basic Problem Solving Tools
1. Cause & Effect Diagram (Hindi)
2. Pareto Chart or Pareto Diagram (Hindi)
3. Flow chart (Hindi)
4. Check Sheet (Hindi)
5. Histogram (Hindi)
Stratification - An analytical tool for Problem Solving (Hindi)
Motivational Theory
Motivation Theory - Friedrick Taylor (Hindi)
Motivation Theory - Hawthorn Effect(Hindi)
Motivation Theory - Maslow Hierarchy need (Hindi)
Motivation Theory- McGregor-Theory X and Y (Hindi)
Lean Management Tools
True Pull Vs Push
Just In Time (JIT) Concept and Case Study
Spaghetti Diagram (Lean Tool to reduce Motion Waste) – Explained with Case Study
POKAYOKE (Mistake Proofing)
‘Value Add and Non-Value Add’ analysis. Process of MUDA elimination
Daily Work Management (DWM)
Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
Formula One Racing - SMED Example
Cycle Time Reduction - Explained in detail
MUDA-MURA-MURI (3M concept) in Lean
5G Lean Problem Solving Technique (Silver)
Skill Matrix System
Skill Matrix (Hindi) 09.07.22
Case Study(Skill Matirx) Hindi-10.07.22
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
(P1.1)What is SOP? Introduction (Hindi)
(P1.2) Why do we need SOP (Hindi)
(P2) Steps for writing SOP (Hindi)
(P3) SOP Content and Sample SOP (Hindi)
Instrument and Gauges
Introduction to Vernier Caliper and Micrometer (Hindi)
10 Key difference in 'Vernier Caliper' and 'Micrometer' (Hindi)
Similarities Vernier and Micrometer (Hindi)
Different Types of Micrometer and its usage (Hindi)
Least count of Instrument
Range of Instrument
Least Count VS Accuracy
What is Zero Error in Vernier Caliper?
GO-NOGO Gauge(Hindi)
Engineering Drawing
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD & T) - Introduction (Hindi)
Types of Projections in Engineering Drawing(Hindi)
Reading Engineering Drawing (Hindi)
Hole and Shaft Basis System (Hindi)
Product Vs Process Characteristics (Hindi)
Mechanical Properties & Testing
(P1) Mechanical Properties of Material (Hindi)
(P2) Mechanical Properties of Material (Hindi)
Destructive Test (DT) VS Non-Destructive Test(NDT)- Hindi
Destructive Test (Chisel and Peel) Hindi
Non Conformity Handling & Deviation Management
Different NC Terms and its definitions (Hindi)
Difference between Rework and Repair (new)
Deviation Management (Hindi)
Rework Work Instruction (Hindi)
Basic Documents Management
(P1)-Basic Documents Intro (Levels of Documents)
(P2)-Basic Documents (Quality Manual)
(P3)-Basic Documents (Quality Policy)
(P4)- Basic Documents (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
(P5)-Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)
(P6)- One Point Lesson(One Point Lesson-OPL)
(P7)-Basic Quality Documents (Cyclic Check Sheet)
(P8)-Basic Quality Documents (Work Instruction -WI)
Important Format Case Study
Daily and Monthly Report Case Study (Hindi)
Monthly Efficiency Report (Hindi)
Packing Production Log Book (Hindi)
Practice Test Paper: Production management
E-Books, Pdf & Formats
Toyota Way Fieldbook (Reference study PDF)
(P1)Operation and Production Management (Reference Material)-V0
(P2)Operation and Production Management (Reference Material)-V0
Top 25 Lean Tools (PDF)
Lean Production Simplified (E Book)
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Confirmation for Final Test
Learner Registration Form

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